PhD in Nursing Sciences


The aim of the PhD program in Nursing Sciences is to develop scholars, who are able to build a program of research that advances nursing knowledge and contributes to the health of individuals, families, and communities. The program is offered by the Doctoral School of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne, through the Institute of Higher Education and Research in Healthcare - IUFRS.

  • Duration: 6 semesters (excluding prerequisites)
  • ECTS credits: 12 (study programme)
  • Course location: IUFRS - Lausanne
  • Languages: French and English
  • Diploma awarded: Doctorate in Nursing Sciences 
Why doing a PhD in Nursing Sciences? 

Demographic changes, higher expectations of patients and their families and cost pressures are challenges faced by health care systems and forcing the emergence of new models of care.

This programme allows you to:

  • Consolidate your academic training;
  • Position yourself on the European and international scene as an active researcher in your field;
  • Take coveted leadership roles in academia, healthcare, government, and related field, and are integral part of you professional growth;
  • Work alongside a team of dynamic faculty who are actively participating in shaping the future of nursing science and healthcare in Switzerland and beyond;
  • Benefit from an established network and longstanding clinical partnerships through Western Switzerland and beyond that provides access to research and clinical practices resources;
  • Study in the only PhD in nursing sciences programme in French-Speaking Europe.
Renewing care

This doctorate trains autonomous research nurses who, through the development of knowledge, advance nursing knowledge and nursing practice in relation to healthcare environments. Thesis research requires a clinical focus and close collaboration between theorists, researchers and caregivers. By completing a thesis in nursing science, you will contribute to the renewal of care centred on the needs of patients and their families.

Professional opportunities

With a PhD in nursing, you will be able to play a leading role in the following areas:

  • Academic research,
  • Nursing education,
  • Administration of nursing services in public or private health institutions (hospitals, medical-social institutions, home care, etc.).
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