Hygiene & security guidelines

Version dated 20th December 2021

Reminder of general principles

  • Each person is committed to a responsible behaviour on the way to and at the campus.
    More information on the work section of the About coronavirus UNIL webpages.
  • Security rules must be followed strictly.
  • The CHUV health and safety rules apply to all UNIL, EPFL and CHUV employees in the CHUV, CHUV-UNIL, UNIL and Agora premises on the Bugnon, Cery and Épalinges sites.
  • The UNIL security rules apply to the FBM sites at Dorigny.

COVID: what to know
As of December 20th, teleworking is mandatory for all UNIL employees with the exception of people involved in teaching, PAT included.

Since last September, COVID certificate is mandatory for events as well as for access to restaurants, sports facilities and libraries on the Dorigny campus. The same obligation applies for bachelor and master level courses.




Access to the buildings


From the week of 23 August, access to the main buildings is no longer subject to special restrictions.

Hygiene rules


When working on site, the applicable health measures must be strictly observed:

  • Mask required when moving within buildings
  • Once seated at one's work place, the mask can be removed if the distance of 1.5 metres is respected between each person.
  • Masks must be worn in auditoriums and classrooms at all times, as required by the authorities. The teacher and speaker is allowed to remove the mask when giving a lecture.
  • Disinfection or regular hand washing
  • Regular ventilation of the premises

Security of the premises


The workplaces of the staff members were supervised by UniSEP in order to guarantee the sanitary distance and the safety of the occupants, on condition that the latter observe the sanitary rules.

The campus premises are cleaned daily and the required surfaces are disinfected. Dispensers of hydro-alcoholic solution for hand disinfection are installed at the entry points of the buildings. In addition, the washrooms are regularly supplied with soap and disposable towels.



Cafeterias are no longer just for members of the university community. Detailed information on the opening hours of the cafeterias: unil.ch/restos/horaires.

Inside, the number of people at each table is no longer limited. The obligation to be seated is maintained and it must be ensured that distances between groups of customers are respected. Registration of contact details is still required, but only one person per group is required. The mask must also be worn when not seated at the table.

Outside, the number of people at each table is no longer limited and the requirement to be seated for eating and drinking is removed. Distances between groups of customers must be maintained. However, it is no longer necessary to register the details of customers.


  • Preferentially by videoconference
  • For on-site meetings, the 1.5 m rule must be respected. A mask must be worn in all circumstances during the meeting.
  • Organizers of scientific symposia must refer to the dedicated UNIL web page.



In the event of symptoms of an acute respiratory tract illness (e.g. cough, sore throat, breathlessness) or fever, a sensation of fever or muscle aches, or the sudden onset of anosmia or agueusia (loss of smell or taste), it is essential to call your doctor before returning to work.

Cases should be reported to Mrs. Sophie Lazarevic, FBM HR Manager.

Travelling abroad for research purposes


Travelling abroad is authorised as of 15 June 2020 under condition that the guidelines of the Federal Foreign Office are followed as well as those of the country being visited.



Activation of the SwissCOVID application is a good means of reinforcing the UNIL protection plan and is recommended to all.


Information correct as of 20th December 2021: these measures can be modified or revoked at time by the University directors depending on the evolution of the sanitary situation.

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