What is data stewardship ?

Large volumes of data, digital and non-digital, structured and unstructured, characterize today's scientific research. In the face of this evolution, and in the context of rapid technological progress, the proper management of research data is becoming critical and unavoidable. On the other hand, Open Science, considered today as a new paradigm in the conduct of scientific research, is progressively transforming the research environment and the way researchers advance science. A very clear promotion policy in favor of openness (Open Science Strategy), both for publications (Open Access) and for research data (Open research Data), has been adopted by the University of Lausanne's management.

In terms of Open research data, the FAIR principles are now considered as one of the priorities for the Open Science agenda : research data must be Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. However, this raises complex and delicate issues - disciplinary, ethical, legal, methodological, technical, etc. - and requires support for researchers. - and requires support for researchers.

Data Stewardship or data governance therefore includes all the activities necessary to support researchers in managing their research data throughout its life cycle (creation, processing, analysis, preservation, access, sharing and reuse) according to the FAIR principles and depending on specific research domains and projects.

Good, transparent and accountable data management is thus one of the essential elements of 21st century science.

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