A trans* person does not recognize themselves, or only partially, in the sex assigned to them at birth and/or in what is related to this native gender identity. The person may or may not wish to make a transition, i.e. a social and/or physical change that allows them to more or less match their gender identity with their social integration and physical appearance. The persons concerned can be referred to by various terms: transgender, transidentitary, trans*, etc.


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Changes of first name and gender in the usual documents issued by UNIL

At UNIL, trans* students, doctoral candidates or employees may request recognition of their gender identity, in particular by official use of their preferred first name and form of address (Mr./Ms.).


The request does not require a prior official change in civil status and does not require the production of a medical certificate or attestation.


The request procedure and other information are detailed in the Directive de la Direction sur la Reconnaissance de l’identité de genre: utilisation du prénom d’usage et changement de formule de politesse pour les personnes trans* à l’UNIL.


The Equal Opportunities Office is available for advice and support in this process.


The Human Resources Department also offers support to trans* employees who request it.


The request must be made by post; it must be dated and signed by the person making the request and must contain the following information:

  • the official first and last names as they appear on the civil status certificate
  • the faculty, department or unit of affiliation
  • the requested form of address to be used (Mr./Ms.)
  • the requested first name to be used.


For students, the request is made to the Admissions Office (SII).



For staff members, the request is made to the HR Department.



The following entries will be modified accordingly:

  • Data on MyUnil (excluding salary slips)
  • E-mail address
  • Campus Card
  • Course lists
  • Internal directory
  • Certificate of admission to registration
  • Certificate of enrolment


Special Cases

  • Certificate of enrolment at UNIL: established with the preferred first name and social gender. On request, a certificate with the first name and gender as they appear on the civil status certificate can be provided by the Admissions Office.
  • Diplomas and employment contracts: these documents are established with the first name and gender as they appear on the civil status certificate. They may be amended retroactively after an official change at the civil register office.


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