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The Public Management and Information Systems unit provides consultancy and advisory services in the following fields: strategic management, systems information management, eGovernment, sports organisation management, sports governance, the independence of sports organisations, strategies for hosting sporting events, the Olympic system, sport in Switzerland, sport and the European Union, and the economic, social and environmental impact of sports events.

In the last few years, because they have been able to take inspiration from elements of public management, the unit has become specialised in the governance and management of not-for-profit sports organisations. Indeed, the analysis and design of appropriate information systems can be done using similar methods.


Management and strategy for sports organisations

This involves advising not-for-profit sports organisations about efficient and effective organisation and management, and training their staff with specific courses and interventions.


Governance in sports organisations

This involves helping not-for-profit sports organisations improve their governance, in conformity with the commonly accepted precepts of organisational and democratic governance.


Hosting strategy and sports events portfolios

This involves analysing and supporting cities, regions and countries as they seek to build up a portfolio of recurrent and ad hoc sporting events which fall within their territories’ sustainable development plans.


Local, regional and national sports policy indicators

This involves quantifying the sum of the measures taken by a local or national public authority to promote participation in physical or sporting activities.


High-Level Group on Grassroots Sport

In September 2015, the European Commission’s Directorate General for Education and Culture (which encompasses sports) mandated a group of experts, including Prof. Jean-Loup Chappelet, to evaluate the place and role grassroots sport in Europe.

This high-level research group has been charged with providing recommendations as to how the European Union could support grassroots sport and analysing how this could be used as a means to promotie such positive values as tolerance.

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List of recent consulting jobs

  • Coordination of the Certificate in Football Management (for UEFA);
  • Sports Policy in the canton of Geneva (for the canton of Geneva)
  • The independence of sports organisations (for the Council of Europe)
  • Think tank on Lausanne, Capital for the Olympics (for the city of Lausanne)


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