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What's a « Tandem » ?

The Tandem approach to practising a foreign language is simple and effective: two persons of differing mother tongues make a commitment to communicate regularly to teach their own language to one another. Tandems can be made in Lausanne « face to face » or via « distance learning » with linguistic partners living abroad. Both linguistic partners are completely autonomous, choosing for themselves the scheduling and levels of intensity for their learning sessions, as well as the content and direction of their mutual tutoring and the types of corrections which best suit their respective language learning goals.

For Whom? With Whom?

Our program is open to anybody who is interested in practising a foreign language with a native speaker. It concerns all languages and combinations of languages. You can choose to practice English and French with a native speaker from the Lausanne area, or even work with the numerous native speakers in many other languages who live in Lausanne, such as an English speaking partner tutoring a native Hungarian or Polish speaker for instance. The EFLE (departement of French as a foreign language) welcomes people from all over the world providing a wonderful variety of languages.
Our students, whether French speakers (from Lausanne university) or native speakers of other languages, are eager to practise your mothertongue with you and help you master theirs !

Tandem « face to face » or « distance learning »

There are two types of tandems : « Face to face » with linguistic partners who live near to you or online through "distance learning" tandems with linguistic partners living abroad. The TANDEM program offers links with universities abroad in places such as Madrid, New York, Sydney, etc. For the "remote" tandems, our webportal (accessible here) will allow you to find linguistic partners abroad.

How to registrate via the TANDEM webportal?

Outside of the dates reserved for information sessions and creation of Tandems here in Lausanne, you can join the TANDEM program from any computer in the world and at any time thanks to our webportal. Once you've clicked all the explanations are given in English, French or German. Once you've registered, you'll discover all the tutoring possibilties and participant requirements and be able to choose the partner who best suits your language-learning goals. Your particulars (name, contact info, e-mail) will not be exchanged until you've both officially decided to work together.
We wish you enjoy this linguistic partnership !



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